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Suporting your baby's feeding needs

Specialist support is provided by Shelley Wilson, IBCLC Lactation Consultant with 10 years experience in this field, and 20 years experience as a Midwife.

When you employ an IBCLC Lactation Consultant you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standard of breastfeeding support. Before sitting the IBCLC exam, candidates must demonstrate extensive clinical experience (1000 hours) and advanced lactation education (at least 90 hours)

Lactation Services:

I offer private Zoom calls from the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you. Once lockdown is over I can do a home visit if you would prefer the personal touch (if you live within an hour of me)

Initial Zoom call: 60 mins-90 mins

Discover what problems you are encountering, discuss what you would like to achieve and work on this together. Observe current breastfeeding techniques and discuss routines already in place. At the end of the visit we will agree a feeding plan for moving forward. Support is available for a wide range of breastfeeding concerns, including (but not limited to): painful breastfeeding, nipple trauma, difficulty latching, milk supply, expressing, slow weight gain.

Follow-up Zoom call - 60 mins onwards

An opportunity to review how the feeding plan has been working, and to discuss any further options that you would like to explore

Preparation to Breastfeed sessions, via Zoom (60 mins)

I also offer breastfeeding information sessions prior to the birth of your baby. The information can be completely tailored to suit your circumstances - if you're a first time mum, expecting twins, have older children to cope with, then such a session will be invaluable. Topics covered include: how breastfeeding works, what to expect in the first days after birth, normal behaviour of the newborn, how to know if things are going well, when to seek further support, and hand expression.

Learning about breastfeeding before you even give birth is beneficial for many reasons:

* By learning the proper techniques while you are still pregnant will reduce the amount of frustration once baby is with you

* Breastfeeding preparation in the antenatal period means you have more time to understand potential problems and ask questions. This will result in less stress and increased confidence in breastfeeding. 

*Once you have given birth this increased confidence and knowledge will mean you can enjoy an immediate connection with your baby and build a strong bond

* Use the time antenatally to learn as much as you can - having a solid source of support is vital in reaching your breastfeeding goals

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Supporting your pregnancy journey

The 40-week Squad

The 40 week Squad is antenatal classes with a tremendous twist!! Instead of starting in your third trimester, I will be supporting you throughout all 3 trimesters, all 40 weeks, the whole of your pregnancy, then Childbirth, and beyond!! This is an AMAZING opportunity to take advantage of my 20 years experience as a Midwife! From the moment you discover you're pregnant we will start our Zoom calls , and you will get 3 x 1 hour calls through the 1st trimester. These are not group Zooms, they are bespoke, tailor-made exclusively just to suit you, your baby and your family situation. A complete V.I.P experience! 

When you join a Zoom with me you can decide who else is with you - just you and your partner? maybe you'd like your mother to join in? Its totally up to you, the more the merrier! Make yourselves some tea, grab some biscuits and make yourselves comfortable in the  warmth of your own home. We have 60 minutes to chat about your individual pregnancy, and you can ask me anything about what is going on with your pregnancy and your unborn child. Whether you are having twins, you are diabetic, or your baby is in the breech position, I can channel my Zoom calls to just talk about what YOU want and ned to know

These 4 Zoom calls will be followed up by UNLIMITED email support throughout your pregnancy, lots of freebies, add-ons and extra videos jam- packed with pregnancy information.

Then the same process will happen in the second and third trimester,  except that in the 2nd trimester you will get one extra Zoom call, as it is the longest trimester (so 4 x 1 hour calls) and then there will be a special 2 hour Zoom totally dedicated to the birth, and again this will be tailor-made to your specific situation. Having a Caesarean section? Then we focus on that. Being induced? Then we focus on that. Its all about you and your needs. Simple.

Finally we offer a 4th trimester Zoom call for an hour, where I will discuss how to navigate your way round the 12 week period after you've had the baby. . .all aspects of baby care, bonding, screening tests you will be offered for your baby, umbilical care, soothing your baby, and physical and emotional changes as your baby adjusts to being outside the womb, and you adjust to your new life as a mum. (Note: Infant feeding is a seperate topic all on its own)

That's a whopping total of 13 hours Zoom time/ a whole years worth of coaching, with a highly experienced Midwife, totally concentrating on your pregnancy, your birth, and your baby, and don't forget the unlimited email support where you can contact me anytime with concerns, questions, funny stories, or just to say "Hi!" and keep me updated on how everything is going x

Here at Baybee Beginnings we think your journey through pregnancy should be full of emotional support, reassurance, practical and informed advice, love, laughter and fun. We aim to nurture your physical and mental wellbeing and give you access to accurate and expert knowledge from an experienced, leading practitioner.

From 8-weeks pregnant, right through to when you give birth, the 40-week Squad will involve you in honest and frank discussions, impartial and judgement-free advice, guest speakers, giveaways, chats, and so much more. 

Baybee Beginnings is here to guide and nurture you along every step of your journey -  making that transition into parenthood. Love yourself, love your pregnancy - Join the 40-week Squad today!! Sign up now if you think this sounds like the most awesome idea ever!!

What you can expect from the 40-week Squad

  • Early pregnancy symptoms

  • A diary of how your baby is developing in the womb

  • What to take into hospital

  • Antenatal screening options explained

  • The role of the birth partner

  • Pain relief in labour - what should I do?

  • Exercise in pregnancy - what can I do? what can't I do?

  • Diet and nutrition in pregnancy

  • Alternative therapies explained

  • Cord stem cell collection - is it for me?

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages of labour - whats going to happen?

  • The 4th trimester - what is this?

  • Body image perceptions

  • Bra-fitting - look good, feel good

  • After the baby is born - now what?

  • Baby equipment - how to navigate the minefield of options

  • . . . . . and many many more!!! The list is endless!



Baby Reflux can be a truly debilitating, exhausting and confusing time, for both baby and parents. To see your baby suffering and feel helpless to improve the situation is frustrating and upsetting for all concerned. 
I can help you to discover the root cause of your baby's discomfort and pain - once you know what is causing the reflux then you can treat that specific problem/problems, thereby eliminating the reflux.
Baby reflux can be caused by a number of issues such as taking on air, traumatic birth, allergies etc. I work through a thorough history of your baby, your delivery, your infant feeding choices or techniques. I individualise the symptoms to deliver a unique, tailor-made solution for your baby. There's no one cap fits all, we have to look at a much bigger picture.
In addition to being a Baby Reflux Practitioner I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and so can look in detail how feeding issues may be causing your baby's reflux. Also, I am a Certified Baby Massage Instructor so I can demonstrate coping strategies via the power of touch.
Let's not look at reflux as being something that is just a "stage" in your baby's developmental. Its not normal! Let's give it the credit it deserves, explore all avenues, and develop successful strategies to combat the problem.
I offer 2 packages for you to choose from, please click on 'Plans & Pricing' to select the option which suits you and your baby the most, and lets restore peace and harmony to your family



Your very own pregnancy alternative to Siri!

Ever felt that what you need in your pregnancy is a direct link to a highly experienced Midwife to discuss any immediate issues which arise and which you are confused or upset about? "Hey, Google" is great for generic, bog-standard responses, but wouldn't it be amazing to receive bespoke, individualised, one-to-one advice completely specific to your pregnancy, your baby and your family?

Not interested in a full course of antenatal classes but just need some support and information on an ad-hoc basis? Hey, Shelley! is the perfect answer to alleviate all your pregnancy worries and concerns as and when they come up. One problem. One solution. One hour



Learn during the antenatal period how to optimise your feeding journey - preparation is key!

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